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Do you have big ideas for your practice…
but right now you just want to help more people.

You wish you didn’t have to worry about not having enough patients& it being slow.
You know you deserve to make more money than you are now. 

Or maybe you don’t have trouble getting patients/clients, but you’ve hit a plateau in your practice.

You wish you were able to take more time off to take vacations,
take home more money without a big overhead, do other things that feed your soul,
or be with family more…

If growing a 6 or 7 figure business is not something you were born with, you’re not alone.

Most holistic health practitioners went into the profession to help people, not to run a business (does this ring a bell?)
The problem is that if you’re not helping the people you’re meant to help, they will continue to suffer.  People need you, instead of thinking that medications and quick fixes will solve their problems.  You have an obligation to help the many people who are not getting the care they really need in our healthcare system!

If you’re ready to double your practice this year (without double the work), this is for you.
Apply Now for your Complimentary 1-on-1 “Double My Practice” Strategy Session. You’ll come away with 2 simple strategic steps to help you double your practice before the end of the year.  Others have done it within shorter period of time (ie, within 3 months):

This is for you if …. You know there must be an easier way than spinning your wheels doing all these things you hear you should be doing (ie, time consuming social media) that are supposed to help your business.  You know you’re capable of more, but it hasn’t happened yet.  You’re ready for things to change.  Imagine people coming to you because they see you as a go-to practitioner, AND you are making a difference on the planet like you envisioned.  What’s possible for you is doing what you’re meant to do, while making the money you deserve.  

It’s time for you to play an important part in changing the healthcare system! If you’re making high 5 figures, we’ll look at what will get you to 6 figures this year.  And if you’re at 6 or multi-6-figures, we’ll look at how you can work less while helping more people.

See if you qualify–Apply for a complimentary one-on-one “Double My Practice” Strategy Session.   Spots are very limited, and only people who are ready to do what it takes to get to the next level are invited to apply.  Enter your name & email to get started. During our call, I will work with you to identify:

        • Exactly where you are now
        • Where you want to be a year from now
        • What I see are your biggest business hurdles
        • The next most strategic step to take right now to double your practice in the next 88 days (yes, I’m Chinese and that’s an auspicious number 🙂  My clients have doubled their practices in 88 days or less before)

I’ll give you insight on the top reason you’re not currently making the money you deserve, or making the difference with your patients/clients that you thought you’d be.   You’ll receive insight on the next action step should you explore working with someone who has grown their business from 0 to 7 figures in less than five years, or refer you to another next step if more appropriate.  That way you can make decisions for yourself that will move you forward to fulfill the original reason why you started your practice.   As a bonus, you’ll also receive 6 & 7-Figure Practice Makeover tips periodically, an ongoing gift of quick tips my clients are using to break 6 & 7-figures quickly.  You will also be the first to hear about events just for my community.

To apply for a complimentary “Double My Practice!” Strategy Session, start by entering your name and email below.  Everything is 100% confidential.  Spots are very limited, and only people who are ready to do what it takes to get to the next level are invited to apply.  If you qualify, you will be contacted within 48 hrs to book your 1-on-1 session!