Mercury in Retrograde & Your Practice

If you follow astrology, you know that Mercury is in retrograde through November 10 (today, thank goodness!)  According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, these time periods  can cause our plans to go awry. I experienced this first hand earlier this week.

(For someone who believes it’s possible to go beyond the effects of planetary movements and not be affected, I’d have to say woo-hoo!  It’s ends today!)

I was excited to host a brand new free call on “3 Steps to Getting Booked Quickly thru Talks, and Double Your Client Base”.  It’s been something that has been brewing up in me for several months.  I was excited about sharing publicly for the first time my secrets of what helped me have 5 figure months within the first year of business primarily thru doing talks.  I got on the phone to host the talk and felt my heart racing.  I was so nervous.

Aside from the call cutting off at the end before I finished (my connection got dropped and I couldn’t get back on), I felt frustrated with myself because my brain seemed to process at a snail’s pace…what came out of my mouth didn’t seem to make sense because I was still processing my own thoughts.  I also felt disorganized and did the exact opposite of what to do–I gave too much information during the talk and could tell that people would feel full.

When people feel full, they often feel less of a desire to go further with the next step.  They either end up believing they have everything they need to move forward, even when there are truly a lot of missing pieces that can hold them back…..or they feel overwhelmed and then don’t do anything.

Giving just the right amount of content & type of content is a skill that requires mastery.  It’s the kind of thing that leads to getting clients/patients from talks, instead of people coming up to you after your talk just saying “that was a great talk!”  It’s the kind of skill that allows you to be educational and inspirational, while at the same time help someone see the need to take the next action step with you (aka book with you).

On the brighter side of Mercury in retrograde motion–this time period is also an excellent time to reflect on the past.  After the talk, I decided to sit back back and go over what had happened.

What had gone wrong during my talk?  I had not honored my need for preparation.   As someone who is well aware of my shortcomings, I need to prepare and be very organized with my thoughts instead of just letting my thoughts flow randomly during a talk that’s done for the purpose of not only being helpful but also inspiring people to take the next step.  I felt embarrassed because here I was teaching people how to get booked and how to get more clients from talks…and what did I do? I screwed up getting clients from my talk. I also felt like I didn’t tie points in very well. 

Many times in life, you only have one chance.  The people who were on that call were on that call only once.  Unfortunately, I wonder whether some of the people who really needed what I could show them during the upcoming Get Booked Immersion won’t be experiencing it because of what happened, because of my shortcomings during the talk.

What about you?  If you’re doing talks, what are you not honoring in yourself by not preparing strategically for your talk?  Do you get frustrated because you have an important message to share, but you’re doing free talks and not getting a lot of patients/clients from them?  Not getting paid in exchange is only fun for so long.  Then you start to resent it.  You often hear “that was a great talk!”, and feel frustrated that people who seem interested don’t end up booking with you.

If you’re not doing talks, but you’ve had enough with spinning your wheels doing all kinds of marketing (and clients aren’t seeking you out), what are you not honoring in yourself by not committing to getting this figured out? (FYI-it doesn’t have to be doing talks)

The gift of what happened to me is that it helped me experience what many holistic practitioners are experiencing with their talks.  The disappointment I felt was very heart wrenching…I can understand the pain again.  I am excited to help holistic practitioners get to the magic of what truly can happen if they are prepared strategically….more people will be impacted by their talk, and more clients/patients booked with their talks.

Would you like to have the step-by-step formula of getting booked with talks quickly, so that you can double your client base thru speaking?  Click here to access it, plus view the invitation to the upcoming Get Booked Immersion.

If you missed my free call and want to attend,
join me for the encore call Thurs November 14.

Then comment below…do you believe in Mercury in Retrograde?  Do you feel your practice was affected by it this time?

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  1. tahawur khan on November 21, 2013 at 11:42 am

    Murcury retrograde always gives me the jerks & jolts so was unable to fulfill my plans but even we should thank God for everything to save us from more bad?

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